Welcome to Florida...the Sheets and Buckets of Rain State

I'm back in Florida for school this weekend and it's raining on a level with what I imagine convinced Noah that God was serious about the whole flood thing. Let me first just say that Florida roads are not built with good drainage as a primary concern. It made me wish I had galoshes, because there is some prime puddle jumping out there.

Tim came down this time. Mostly because I tempted him with visions of heat and pools and sun. We do at least still have pools...heck, the pools have moved into the pavement. He is currently nigh unto freezing (what with the whole being wet and air conditioned) and wondering why he didn't think to bring a sweater down with him. Frankly, I'm a little chilly myself.

On the positive side of things, however, I now officially have a tentative dissertation advisor and permission to begin working on a real idea paper (vs. the introduction to my idea paper that I put together to try and entice an advisor.) I'm completely stoked, as this is my first choice advisor.

And I've read 1.5 books today. Since the rain killed our plans to go see Bonnet House (something about it being a house and gardens and, oh yes, the buckets of rain. Did I mention we didn't bring any umbrellas? Will remedy that situation tomorrow if the weather holds as it is.), we did as all should be able to do on a cool rainy afternoon and holed up to read. Reviews on Born in Death and Angels Fall forthcoming (both Nora Roberts.)

I hope where you are it is sunny and dry. Or at least that you are well stocked with good reading material and blankets. Strangely, this hotel doesn't seem to run to extra blankets.

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Rach said...

I've read both book so will be interested to see what you thought! It's warm and sunny where I am. I'm picking this is one of the driest winters in a long time...