Awards Are Nice!

On Friday, Jen awarded me a Nice Matters Award. And, as with all great awards on the Internet, I need to pass it along to three other folks. So...

1) Michelle - Not only is she a good friend from high school, but she's also a soon-to-be world famous author and one of the most genuinely nice people I know.

2) Lynellen - Another good friend, from even before high school, and also genuinely nice. Plus she puts up pictures of her adorable little puppy and fun places she visits, which helps (somewhat) to satisfy my wanderlust.

3) Christina - I don't actually know her, but I really enjoy reading her blog (for all I usually just lurk). More than that, it's been inspirational to see how she handles both tragedy and triumph and the mundane things in between. Her kids have a good thing going with her as their mom - and what's even cooler is that they seem to know it.

Should you feel so inclined, pass it along.

1 comment:

Christina said...

What wonderful things to say.

Thank you, Beth!!

; )