Having the Time of Your Life

Since Gwynne has been too busy dreaming of sailboats and killing off whistle pigs to blog lately, it seems that a post all about ABBA is required.

What better, then, than a tale of one man's 238 mile trip listening only to Dancing Queen?

I haven't watched the video yet, I'll have to do it at home as I don't appear to have Quicktime on my machine and the powers that be don't feel we can be trusted to install things on our workstations...and I can't quite figure out how I would word the help desk ticket to have them come put it on for me. (Somehow, I just don't see "But I need this to write a blog post!" really going over super well.)

If you, however, are in posession of Quick Time, you can watch the video here. Or you can read about it at Mental Floss (the source of all sorts of random, mostly useless knowledge.)

This will most likely remind Tim of his college road trip with a friend (in my car) with only Fields of Gold (Sting) and Tarzan Boy (Baltimora) to occupy the hours. In fact, reading that last sentence will probably still cause him to twitch violently.


Robert the Llama Butcher said...

Once back in law school, I drove all the way from Hilton Head SC to Lexington VA (about 8 hours) with nothing but the Talking Heads' "More Songs About Buildings And Food" for company.

I talked (and moved) like David Byrne in his more spastic phase for some little time afterward.

beth said...

Well hey, at least you had good music. :) Though extended Talking Heads would make anyone a little spastic. Cool. But still spastic.

Gwynne said...

I'm baaack. :-)

Now see what happens when there is no parental controls over here?! I cannot imagine anything more insidious than being forced to listen to Dancing Queen even one more time, let alone all the way to St. Louis, or wherever 238 miles takes me. I may have to implement my ABbA blocker afterall. And I thought we were friends. ;-)

beth said...

Yay! You're back. :) And yes, I knew I had to bring on the ABBA to see if I could entice you back here. ;)

Seriously, why all the ABBA hatin'?

Gwynne said...

why all the ABBA hatin'?

There was this roommate once upon a time...the hostility is mostly misdirected, I realize, but nevertheless, I have no desire to develop an appreciation.

I think I just needed another kick start...sorry to be so scarce lately. :-)