I'm the Bleary-Eyed One in the Corner

Ever since daylight savings, sleeping around here has been a bit of a hit or miss operation. It never really occurred to me that something as wonderful as an extra hour of sleep would actually not be wonderful for a 10 month old. In fact, the thought did not cross my mind that, what with the clocks all moving back one hour, he would start waking up at 5:30 instead of the previously lovely 7:30 routine we had established. After about a week, we had crept forward and the lovely sounds of morning cheeryness waited until 6:55 and there they held fast. Grumbling, I accepted the new state of affairs and began trying to push my bedtime 30 minutes earlier so that I did not go through my day wishing for more sleep.

Then the flu hit.

I understand that when you don't feel good you need to share that with the world. I do. Really. And since Joshua is a little young for his own blog, I get that he's going to share it primarily with me and Tim. And that's good, too. But what I didn't realize is that he was going to need to start sharing it in the middle of the night again. Three or four times each night.

Suddenly, the teensy sleep deficit caused by daylight savings has expanded like a pothole during the spring thaw and I find myself stumbling back into that hazy, not quite with-it state that I lived in until about 3 months ago when the through-the-night sleeping really kicked in. But it's not quite as bad as it was, because in those days I could nap and still sleep at night. I'm not there yet - napping right now simply leaves me cranky for the rest of the day and delivers a good dose of insomnia to boot. But I'm also so out of practice that it's taking me so long to fall asleep after I get him settled again that I get about 25 minutes before either he's up again, Tim's alarm is going off, or he wants to get up for the day...all of which reset the process for getting back to sleep.

I'm hopeful that this is one of those "this too shall pass" situations. Everyone's healthy now (basically), and he's eating normal food (and normal amounts thereof) again, so maybe we can get back to our routine...because I really would like to have enough mental energy to get something accomplished during the day again sometime soon.

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Rob said...

Just the opposite over here - my internal clock is finally back in sync since the Fall back. I pop right outta bed between 5-5:30 most mornings without a peep from any annoying alarm. Daylight Savings Time is the devil!