Sometimes He Pretends He's Still in College

When Tim rolled out of bed at the crack of noon this morning, the following conversation ensued:

Me: What time did you make it to bed last night?
Tim: *mumble mumble* after midnight.
Me: What happened to "be right up?"
Tim: I blame Rodney
Me: How's this?
Tim: I was all set to go to bed when Rodney said "What are those?" and I said "I think they're pigs" and then Rodney said, "Oooh. I'm gonna go kill me some pigs."
Me: ...
Tim: Really, how do I go to bed when there's a chance to shoot pigs?


Lynellen said...

What game do you get to shoot pigs in? Cuz it doesnt sound like Guild Wars.

beth said...

Tabula Rassa.

He intends to see if Mike has found his copy yet.

Rodmonster said...

Sorry about that..
Snort Snort Snort!

Gwynne said...

Poor little pigs...