Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Yesterday afternoon, after just about 14 hours of essentially non-stop screaming, (respite came only when he was eating, vomiting, the 2ish hours he slept after 2:45 am, and dancing to Celtic Woman's Ding Dong Merrily On High) we decided it was probably worth a visit to the ER when he proceeded to vomit, yet again, this time probably three times the quantity that had just gone in. So we packed up and headed out. And at the stoplight across from the hospital, he fell asleep.

We sat in the parking lot of the ER for five minutes trying to decide what to do. Neither of us wanted to wake him, not when he'd had so little sleep for the day. Neither of us were particularly excited about the ER visit either, since we figured an IV was in his future and really, who wants to subject their kid to that if there's any possibility that it could be avoided? So we decided we'd drive around for a little and see if he'd keep sleeping - since we could always go back to the ER later. We hadn't called the after hours nurse because we figured she'd tell us to go the ER, which we had decided to do anyway, so when that plan changed, we went ahead and called her to see if we needed to just suck it up and take him in. She had the pediatrician call us and he basically reversed his advice from Friday, putting the kiddo back on pedialyte exclusively and discontinuing the Zofran, which had really seemed to be making the vomiting worse and, with all the screaming, was suspected of causing a migraine. The doctor actually said he preferred we not hit up the ER as the IV treatment is really a last resort that they prefer to not use unless there's just no other option.

So with those instructions, we wended our way back home (since the kiddo had started making peeps, we figured the 45 minutes of sleep was nearing its end) with a quick stop at the store for more pedialyte.

This morning when I came downstairs (Tim let me sleep in because I'm coming down with a cold of some sort due, I think, to lack of sleep) I was greeted by frantic crawling to get to me and a huge grin. Tim said the diaper rash/yeast infection (which on top of everything else had started bleeding yesterday, it was so raw) is practically gone this morning.

Maybe I'm speaking too soon again, but it's good to have my happy little boy back.

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Gwynne said...

Ugh. There is nothing worse than a sick baby and I feel for you all. Sending prayers your way. I do hope the worst is behind you!