A Meme For Year's End

Via Jim - and because I can't think of anything else for today as yet...

The first line of the first post for each month of 2008:

I find this incredibly hard to fathom.

I just turned in my last assignment for my last class.

Today was the Sleepy Baby's two month checkup.

Tim sent me this.

Since I review books for WaterBrook Press (and as a reminder, I get nothing out of that other than free books, thus my reviews are always truly what I thought of the books. Of course, I tend to think that even if I was getting more than a free book out of it, you'd still get exactly what I think. Because seriously, what's the point of a book review if it doesn't tell it like it is?) they offered me a choice of some books as a Mother's Day gift.

This week's blog tour is for Fatal Deduction by Gayle Roper.

Today's project is one I started a few weeks ago - reorganizing the library.

So on the way home (we're home, hurray!), the following conversation occurred...I've been snickering about it since.

I will admit that, had it not been for the fact that a friend of mine is a teacher and she and her almost-six-year-old are gearing up for school tomorrow...I don't know I would have realized it was Labor Day.

I'm so annoyed with people trying to foist body image issues off on babies.

I have to admit, I've got a lot of anxiety these days.

There is a burgeoning tradition here in the Sleepy household to listen to Christmas music all day while the decorations are being festooned hither, thither and yon.

Frankly...looking over those...well, I'm astounded y'all keep coming back. But hey, thanks for doing so!

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Lynellen said...

I think these are hilarious!