Happy New Year (a little late)

I realize it's only January 3rd...but honestly, it seems like the year is already flying by. New Year's Eve was a lovely, laid back event around the Sleepy home this year. We went to an early dinner at Applebees with my sister and her husband and then Tim and my dad played video games online together while I switched between playing Spore (finally figuring out the tribal stage) and reading. At midnight, I watched my computer clock switch over, said happy new year to Tim and gave him a quick kiss, and then went to bed. Cause I'm a party animal like that.

After approximately 30 years, my mom's two refrigerators gave up the ghost within 48 hours of one another. It's touching, actually, like those old couples who just can't live one their mate passes. Except with appliances. My mother isn't quite of the mind yet where she can see the romance, having spent one full day and part of another trying to madly cook what was in the first freezer (it was her primary long term storage freezer) only to have the second one go. Our freezer is now full to bursting and when their new one gets delivered on Tuesday, I will be happy to return their food.

My vacuum cleaner has also died. Tim and I had a brief go-round about how long we'd had the thing because he seems to think I'm some sort of Bermuda triangle for vacuums. I had the brilliant idea to look in my archives because I just knew I had bored you all with my search for a new vacuum and that it would prove my point that the thing was at least three years old. I had, in fact, bored you all with that tale. Unfortunately, the thing was only 18 months old. My friend Michelle loves her Kirby and I begin to be tempted...except that I can kill a lot of cheap vacuums for that price and if I really AM a Bermuda triangle for vacuums...well...I hate to do that to a really expensive one. So, the search for a new vacuum is underway, and this time I vow to pay more attention to how much the thing weighs, because the last one was close to 30 pounds and it got very old lugging that thing up and down the stairs.

Today we had a little family birthday party for the little one. I seriously can't believe he's a year old tomorrow. He seemed to enjoy playing in his cupcake (well, actually, it was a single serving molten lava cake), but now his little booty is all red...he doesn't seem to handle sugar well (this happened when we gave him a bite of ice cream a few weeks ago so I'm really pretty sure it's the sugar). Hopefully it'll clear up overnight since I smeared 1/4 of a tube of Balmex on his little behind before bed. But both sets of grandparents were over and my sister and her hubby came by and I think a good time was had by all. The little one certainly enjoyed himself. I'll try to put up a photo or two tomorrow.

And that is my year thus far. I haven't made any resolutions this year and I don't honestly intend to...I have enough guilt in my life without them. Though I guess you could say that I am resolved to get at least 3/4 of the way finished with my PhD this year so that I can graduate no later than May of 2010. So there's that.

Happy New Year!


michellewillingham said...

Happy Birthday to baby! Did he enjoy his cake, in spite of the price he paid?

Jen said...

A belated Happy Birthday to dear Josh!

Captcha: scrot

I normally would just laugh and pass that by, but it's too hilarious and slightly dirty to pass up mentioning. I mean really, the computer generated that? Or am I the only one whose mind would go that way upon seeing that?

beth said...

Michelle, he did indeed enjoy it. I really am trying to get the photos up - maybe today! :)

Jen, thanks and no, you're not the only one whose mind goes that way. And really, considering that I was discussing my poor little boy's behind, well, it's even more amusing.

Today it's looking much clearer.