Monday Miscellany

  • While I still pretty much have no use for Facebook as far as connecting with friends (in general, even the folks from high school that I was friends with, I've kept up with. Chances are high that if we haven't kept up, there was a reason on one of our sides...thus I think I have all of 20 friends. Nothing beats being an introvert on a social networking site.) Anyway, despite all that, I am addiced to the Hatchlings application, wherein you clicky-clicky through random profiles (well, if you had tens of hundreds of friends, you could just clikcy-clicky through their profiles) looking for virtual Easter eggs. Pointless? Absloutely. Fun? No doubt.
  • The baby is almost officially walking. He takes 7-8 steps before he loses his balance these days. And you can see the wheels turning as he tries to figure it out. I bought some socks that have no-slip writing on the bottoms and I think it's time to try and stick to those, because his usual socks are almost always the culprit for the falling.
  • In our latest batch of photos that we sent off to the attorney to hold on to in case his birth mother is in a place at some point where she wants them, I let her (the attorney) know that we'd probably be starting up the process again in the June time frame and to let us know what paperwork we'd need to re-do. He'll be 18 months at that point and if the time works out the same as it did with him, it'll be between 9 and 11 months for a match so...if we want the 2ish year spacing (which we both kinda feel is about perfect) then that seems the time to start up again.
  • My friend just called and her 3 week old is being admitted to the hospital with RSV - please pray for him.
  • Tim, who hates any kind of weather that makes long sleeves a necessity is up in the frozen northeast this week. I'm terribly jealous - he said it was snowing when he landed. They took our snow out of the forecast. Maybe he'll bring some home with him.
  • Monday night at 8 seems to have become the "it" time for TV. We were already missing a show (Sarah Conner Chronicles) because of conflicts and now they've moved House to that timeslot as well. Which means that we're now no longer watching House, unless they rerun those episodes at some point in the week. I'm a little unclear on the idea behind the move, honestly, because really...what was wrong with the slot it was in? Of course, I had half decided to stop watching House because of the hideous way they've been handling the adoption story line of late (cause what the world really needs is one more reason for people to think that adoption is the equivalent of abandoning your child rather than an amazingly difficult, yes, but loving decision.) So this just makes it easier to quit the show.
  • We introduced the kiddo to fish sticks yesterday (Gortons, if you're curious) and he seems to like them. I figure I should try to not make him a fish-phobe just because his parents are. Tim and I split one last night since we try to sample everything we feed him. We both agree with the sentiment "Better him than us" - though I think with enough ketchup they might be tolerable.
  • I am trying to figure out how I can get involved / make friends with some of the ladies at our new church. Any suggestions? Reference the first bullet and introvert comment - tie that in with the fact that people just really tend not to like me in person (I guess I'm an acquired taste and few people want to bother with the time it takes to do the acquiring). Please don't suggest becoming someone else - I've tried that and really can only keep up the charade for so long. Plus it's exhausting. That said, I dislike the fact that even having written the previous sentences puts the clutch in my stomach that I had the first few weeks of school every year as I tried to figure out if there was any remote possibility that I would find a place to fit in. (This is really a fairly new recurrence - I was totally over it until the ugliness at our last church and the Sunday school debacle...honestly, there are some new scars there that I'm having to work harder to get past than I ever have before. Why is it that Christians are better at hurting people than any other group?)
That's about it for random thoughts in my brain right now - and I am being presented with a toy, so it's time to wander off and play.


Gwynne said...

Sending prayers up for your friend's baby...a concern near to my heart and, for a 3-week old, that is far too scary!

I wish I had suggestions for how to make new friends at church, but I haven't figured that one out yet either. Can you shop around the small groups without actually joining first?

Library girl said...

When I changed Churches, I pushed my way in and invited people out. I'm an introvert too but I made myself do it because its a lonely thing to change Churches huh? Ironically, I don't hang out with any of those people now.