Saturday Miscellany

A few random thoughts since I didnt' get around to posting yesterday:

  • My mom laughed at my comment on her suggestion for the napping child and then was pleased to see that, in her words, "Jen is a good parent." (On which we concur, having seen Jen in action, she and Beau both are excellent parents.) Still, I thought it was amusing.
  • I tried out Michelle's suggestion yesterday. Yeah. Um. Not ready for the one nap a day thing yet. Worst. Crankiness. Ever. (Of course, he's working on 1 year molars right now, I really think, so that's not helping.) We went back to our 2 naps today and while the naps are a tad shorter, he just still really needs both at this point. We'll see. I think the only thing constant with the kiddo right now is unpredictability.
  • We had photos taken for the church directory last night. Unlike our family photo at BRU the other day, these turned out great. This is nice, since it means I have something I'm actually willing to show people. Now I just need to wrest the copy of the travesty that I grudgingly gave my mom out of her little fingers. We'll see how successful that is (yeah, I'm not holding my breath, but I'm gonna try.)
  • Last night the pastor had everyone from the last two "get to know the church" classes over for a potluck dinner. I was concerned about taking Mr. Cranky with, but he did really well and we were able to scoot him home before the meltdown.
  • This morning I went to a class that's geared toward helping you figure out a good place to plug-in at the church. One of the ladies from the dinner last night was there as well and I'm thinking I might have found a kindred spirit. That's always pleasant. I even actually told her about my blog, which I rarely do with folks I actually know until much further into knowing them (hi Pam!). (And she has one too, which I've added to my sidebar.) Of course, she and her family don't watch TV, which I think is seriously cool...but I don't know that I could do it. So she may decide we're unwashed heathens. Hopefully not though.
And with that...we now return to your regularly scheduled Saturday.


Library girl said...

Glad the new Church is going well! New season of top chef is about to start here! I blame you for me being excited about this hehe.

Lynellen said...

I dont see anyone new in your blog links...

beth said...

Yeah, she decided to close her blog down yesterday evening. So I took the link back out.

Jen said...

Your mother is a smart lady. :lol: I'm flattered that you (and she) thinks I'm a good parent. Beau is an excellent father (she says about the dude who deals with the kid pretty much 24/7).

As for the 2 naps to 1 nap transition, I think Jesse started weeding out the extra nap himself at about 18 months or so. It took several months to get from 2 to 1 and the timing of the 1 nap was all over the clock. Right now it's midday, which makes lunch a challenge, so we're trying to move it later to get in a good lunch that isn't too close to dinner.