Ph.D. Silliness, Redux

So, the PhD silliness continues. You may remember from this post that I ended up switching topics to something my advisor wanted to do simply due to the fact that I was running into huge hurdles with my original topic. Well...not so fast, grasshopper.

I was waiting for some more information from my advisor. And waiting. And waiting. And...more waiting. So finally I get an email and, long story short, that new topic isn't going to fly. In the mean time, I've been getting some feedback from some of the teachers that I had contacted previously about the original study idea that indicates the maybe I can actually scrape together a reasonable amount of participation. Couple that with the fact that my advisor has lowered the number of participants I need in my study and....I think I'm back in business.

Of course, this would've been lovely to know when I could've finished my proposal last term rather than needing to pay for yet another term. But. Hey. It's just money, right? Still...if all goes well, I still might actually graduate in May of 2010.


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Michelle said...

Fingers crossed!!