The Cold that ate Toledo

I think I am finally on the other side of the cold identified in the title. This thing has been kicking the butts of our entire family for what feels like forever but is, I'm told, only the last three weeks. I got my voice back after only 2 days, but then whatever I had in my head settled in my chest and I've spent the last four days trying to hack up a lung with varying levels of success.

I think I have finally turned the corner and for that I owe Tim much gratitude. He stayed home yesterday so that I, who felt as if I'd been run over repeatedly by a garbage truck, could lay on the couch. Which was really all the energy I had anyway, but I was going to try and manage the kiddo. He saved both of us figuring out how that was going to work.

That said, perhaps blogging will pick up around here now that I am able to leave the house. We'll see.

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