Tuesday Random (It's Tuesday, Right?)

This may end up being shorter than I imagine it because I've frittered away the morning nap that is now pushing past a 2nd hour because I kept thinking he was going to wake up "any minute now".

  • We sat down to watch our recording of The Amazing Race last night only to find that we really recorded 60 minutes. I'm not sure if there was a speech or a game or what but honestly I don't care. Why do they do this to me? Now I need to look and see if I can find it online somewhere.
  • Yesterday afternoon we took the kiddo to the tot lot in our neighborhood. I'd taken him last summer but he was really too small for everything and didn't seem to enjoy the slide even with me holding him. This time he was in love and the slide produced great giggles of joy. He also spent lots of time running here and there and everywhere exploring the grass and mud and so forth. It was fun.
  • I am making good progress on my dissertation proposal and plan to have it turned in the first week of April. (Internal deadline is April 1st, but I'll give myself a few days beyond that just in case.) It's good to be making progress again - and now it's a matter of crossing my fingers that my professor is on his meds when he reads it.
  • We're slowly catching up on the backlog of stuff on the DVR and are now up to the 2 hours of 24 that we totally missed since they started it at 8 and our 8:00 slot is overfull as it is. So...we'll see if we can recover from that gap by reading the synopsis online. I'm just wondering why the dingbats on 24 don't realize the following after how many seasons(?): Perimeters never work; Don't send your only copy of data to a building where there's a mole because of course it'll get erased; and the corollary to that Never underestimate Chloe.
  • I start up with a new batch of students this week. We'll see how that goes - the class is about 3 times the size that it normally is. I'm not sure exactly what to make of that, but my hope is that it means there will be a lower percentages of drops and disappears. Just call me Polyanna.
And...there goes the dulcet tones of nap waking. So, off I run.

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