I Really Need To Start Taking Notes

Every weekend, or so it seems, I get a glut of things I need to blog about and then, come Monday, they're gone. Zip. Boom. Bang. Outta here. Yesterday I remembered several of them so though that, for once, they were safely tucked into my brain. And yet, here I sit annoyed with myself because I had things to say, dang it, and they're gone.

I'd remind myself to take something for my memory...but it's likely I'd forget.

I've started on baby blanket number 2, the first having happily been mailed out Saturday along with an incredibly overdue thank you note for a birthday gift I received in *cough* February.

Randomly, here is a sentence you never really want to be the one to utter when a guest in someone's house: "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I just cracked your toilet seat."

Amusing follow up to the above sentence, "Well you wanted a sign that it was time to go on a diet."

I did neither the seat nor wise cracking mentioned above.

Annnddd...I don't think that what I intended to blog about is coming back to mind so I will wander off and work on my dissertation proposal while the nap continues.

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