A Litte Thursday Random..Since That's All I Do Anymore

And a short random, at that.

Got an email from my advisor today (well, really, I was just cc'd on it) as he passed my proposal on to my committee. So...I'm taking that as a good sign that he liked it and that it should be approved here very soonishly. Or so I am hoping with fingers and toes crossed. (I'm ok with minor changes, but presumably it made the case for my idea so I'm set on that score.)

I've decided that the kiddo needs a sand and water table. I'm not sure that I'm ready for all the cleanup such an item will require (yes, it'll go outside, but still, he's gonna get filthy) but he enjoyed playing in our friends' so much that my guess is that he needs his own.

The kiddo has started sleeping about an hour later than he used to with only a 20ish minute bedtime increase. So now I'm getting more sleep than I used to and am more tired than ever. How does that work, exactly?

Interesting blogging to resume at some point. Really. No, really. I promise.


Lynellen said...

See, sleep cycles are 90 minutes long. So if you sleep 20 minutes into the next sleep cycle you'll actually be more tired/groggy than if you had woken up at the end of the previous one.

beth said...

Shouldn't my body wake me up at the end of the sleep cycle then? That would be helpful.. :)

Jen said...

Jaynee's kids have the sand and water table and love it. It's less filth-making than you'd think and occupies them for mucho time.