Blog Tour: The Night Watchman

I recently had the opportunity to read The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir. This was a fantastic mystery/bit of suspense and, while Christian fiction, it was a delightful departure from typical Christian fiction (wherein at the end everyone's problems are solved because of Jesus - not that that can't happen and that it does, in some ways - but this was much more realistic and thus a pleasant change.)

The story centers around Ray Quinn, a policeman who is injured in the line of duty when his partner is killed. This puts him off the force and into a job as a night watchman as well as a deep depression that he medicates with Jim Beam and John Wayne. When a resident of the building he watches dies in what, at first glance, looks like a murder/suicide, Quinn is unwilling sucked into the investigation by the deceased's sister. As he unfolds the tangled mess, he inches closer to finding his partner's killer and peace.

The author blurb says that Mr. Mynheir is actually a Police Detective - and that really shows in the writing. The procedure and feel of the novel is every bit as good as Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme books. In fact, the pages just fly by and I think I devoured this in close to one sitting, maybe two.

I'm looking forward to the others in this new series. You can find more info here.

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