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Link in the title - but Kathy the Cake Eater sums up my feelings on the Jon and Kate fiasco with only one notable caveat. At the bottom (2nd to last paragraph) she opines that two parents, regardless of gender, are necessary for rearing kids. I agree that two are the required number, but I also heartily endorse the fact that one of those two must be a man and the other a woman (and I'll go so far as to clarify that these people need to have been born with the appropriate chromosomes and equipment, surgical alteration does not count.) It matters.

Regardless, I feel bad for the Gosselin kids and I hope that somehow along the way they're able to overcome their parents childishness.

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Gwynne said...

Wow...that was fantastic! Thanks for the link. As someone who only ever saw the show sporadically and then was always annoyed with Kate's uber controlling/belittling tendencies, I especially enjoyed hearing some of the backstory. I agree 100% with her assessment of the damage imparted on these poor kids. What a train wreck. I can't wait <*/sarcasm*> for the Octomom reality show to begin.