Back to Work

Tim is back to work today, his week of vacation over. And honestly, even though we had a very laid back vacation, I think it was just what the doctor ordered for stress-boy. This project he just finished really did a number on him, so it was nice to see him relaxing again. And the new project that he starts today should be considerably less hard on him. Or so runs the theory.

In addition to our Williamsburg jaunt, we went to the park and rode around, giving the kiddo a chance to try out his new bike trailer (I bit the bullet and just bought one - they were on sale at Target and were just under the completely arbitrary maximum I had set myself.) He seems to enjoy it, though you have to put your helmet on first before he will deign to wear his. Tim rolled his eyes at me when I presented him with his shiny new helmet (first ever) - but he did agree that we have to set the right example - and we just won't mention the fact that we did all kinds of derring do without the benefit of head gear as kids. (He was pleased that the helmet was well ventilated - it didn't bug him like he thought it would.)

We had plans to meet up with our friends several times, but their new baby appears to be colicky (that's the current theory, at least) so they're pretty much using up all the energy to make it through the days and nights and ended up bailing on all our plans. We're hoping to get to see them again sometime though...fingers crossed.

The 4th of July was a big extravaganza, with a convergence of both families (including one of Tim's uncles who was up visiting with his family) that seemed to be enjoyed by all. I made way, way, way too much food and sent home at least one meal with everyone (probably closer to two) - though Tim and I agreed we'd rather have too much than too little. We did some legal fireworks in the cul-de-sac and watched the illegal ones that popped over the roofline from our redneck neighbors. Our neighbors across the street came and watched ours then did theirs - I have to say, theirs were really cool. We need to find out where they found them, because as fountains go, they were considerably unlame. (We had some really good ones, but we also had some that were less than exciting.) The booming of the illegal ones woke the kiddo, so we brought him out to watch ours. He mostly just sat snuggled up on me, but his eyes were open and he seemed to think they were interesting and not scary. So that's good.

And so we return to what passes for normal around here. Though all things considered, I'd say that normal around here is pretty darn good.

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