The Mind Boggles

I continue to be seriously amazed by my students. Unfortunately, it's not in a particularly good way. We have one "exam" in this course (I put the quotes because it's multiple choice, open book, they have a week to take it and go in and out of it as many times as they want - so seriously, if you make the time, there's no reason not to ace this thing.) Like I said, they have a week to take it. It's the one thing in the course that I can't access to change the deadline on - so it opens at the start of the week and closes at the end and that's it. I remind my students for the week leading up to the exam about these conditions. I remind them every day of the exam week to be sure to take it. I look and see in the gradebook who hasn't started and send them little reminder emails.

And the day after the exam closes, I get four emails (out of 9 students) saying that, oh silly me, I forgot to take the exam...how do I make it up.

I could seriously scream.

These are supposed to be adults. I would love to know where they work that they get away with this kind of behavior because I've never had a boss who would've put up with that. So I told them too bad, so sad, it's not like I didn't warn you. Two of them actually contacted my department chair to complain. She took a look at the amount of reminding I'd been doing and told them it seemed like they really had to work hard to forget. So that's nice. But seriously...where did the concept of personal responsibility go? I miss it.

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Matt said...

Amen, sister!