Dashing Through the Snow

Today the kiddo and I ventured forth from our snowboundedness (I know that's not a word, but it sounds cool...kinda math-y with the whole "bounded-ness" idea) to pick up the food I ordered for a friend who just had twins.

I had planned to just make something and take it down. And really, I was going to leave it at one meal, maybe two, thinking that since her mother was coming up to help that she'd be doing just fine as far as that goes. Then her mom broke her foot. She's mobile, mostly, but still. So, I switched my plans and found one of the "make and freeze your meals" places that will do all the making for you. I would love to go and spend 2 - 3 hours putting meals together, but it's tough to figure out when I could do that with a 2 year old. I could've probably figured a time for when Tim was home from work on the weekend, but honestly, when Tim's home, I want to spend time with him. (Crazy, I realize.) So anyway, they only added $20 to have them do the hard part and I just needed to come pick them up on Saturday.

Saturday rolled around and so did a bunch of snow. Which killed the whole "run up and get them then run down to my friend's house" plan for the afternoon. (She lives about 40 minutes away and the meal place is about 20 minutes the other direction, so it was going to take the bulk of nap time to get done.) So, they said they'd hold the meals for me til today.

And thus today we bundled up and started on our merry way...and I just have to ask, what is wrong with the people who drive snow plows? I don't understand why they can manage to scrape the main roads down to the pavement but somehow they think leaving 5" of packed ice with a ton of dirt dumped on it is considered "plowing" a neighborhood. There's nothing quite so joyful as skidding up a hill and careening toward your neighbor's car as you try to go run an errand.

The rest of the trip was, largely, uneventful. Though my friend's neighborhood had had the same "plowing" done to it as mine. I missed seeing her and the twins by about 10 minutes as they were off to a doctor's appointment, so just her mom was at home. Still, it's nice to have ticked that off my to-do list. And if I don't have to leave my house again until the sun has finished up plowing the neighborhood, so much the better.

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