Stupid Mommy Tricks

So this afternoon, we got home from the grocery store at just about nap time. And the little one was chanting, "Pee pee? Pee pee potty? Pee pee potty mommy?!" And, not one to ignore an opportunity, I snagged him and sat him on the potty where he made a teeny tiny bit of tinkle that we celebrated with more joy than many Broadway performances receive on opening night. There were still groceries to bring in and he wouldn't stand still to get his diaper back on, so I said to myself (and, well, honestly, to him, because I talk to him all the time even though really I'm just talking to myself) "We'll just leave you diaper-less, bring in the groceries, then put on a new diaper and go for naptime."

So he toddled after me sans diaper and in the garage I noticed he was walking kind of silly and thought to myself, "He's just not used to going commando."

And then I noticed the trail of dribble following after him. The long trail of dribble that was way more than we managed to get into the potty.

At which point I shrugged, took him to the grass to let him finish, hustled him inside and stripped him down (because at this point, his little jumpsuit and socks were covered in pee) and went ahead and changed him and put him down for his nap.

On the positive side, this made bringing the groceries in much easier. On the not so positive side, I should probably go figure out how best to wash up the garage floor.


michellewillingham said...

Little boys can't go a continuous stream when they first start to train. I usually have mine start and then after the dribble is over, I ask, "More?" and he'll go more. You keep doing that until there's nothing else. It's a bladder muscle thingie. ;)

beth said...

See, this is good to know. Why is this not in the books? :)