Why We Will Never Have a Family Bed

Also: Why I Will Never Be a Professional Cartoonist
Also Also: Why I Failed Handwriting Constantly

Tim was out of town Monday - Wednesday this week and the little one had sleeping issues on Tuesday night. I thought, what the heck, I'll just let him sleep with me and then we can both stop the waking up nonsense. I was half right.

(I believe you can click to enlarge.)


Jen said...

ROFL - your artwork is fantastic and there is nothing wrong with your handwriting.

Gwynne said...

OMG-ROTFL *still laughing* *choke* This was our bed for the last two weeks while my husband was away on vacation! Complete with butt-in-the-air and ankle grabbing and 6:00 wake-up call. All of it. Now we're trying to get back to the old routine. Not easy!