The SnowyMoon is Over

Alright, snow, I've had enough of you. Please go. It's not you...it's...well actually, it is you.

See, here's the thing. You and I, we were getting along just fine - maybe even enjoying one another - but then you had to go and bring a friend. And I don't mind wind, on her own, but when you're both around it's just a tad overwhelming. There's all the cold that you bring and then she blows it around and in nooks and crannies you didn't realize were exposed until all of the sudden you're snuggled up inside courtesy of your friend the wind.

Then there's the fact that not once in all these recent visits did you bother to come in a packable form so that we could play games together and build things. You just got all icy and powdery and really, who likes you that way? Nobody, that's who. You're much nicer when you warm up just a little.

So it's time for you to just be on your way. And you can go ahead and take wind with you, if you don't mind. We'll see plenty of her again in March (or thereabouts) when it's actually possible to get out and fly a kite with her.

And please, don't even think about trying to skulk back over here next week. They say you're threatening to do it, let me just advise you that it's a bad idea. We're talking stalker-ish behavior if you go that route. Really. There will be charges filed.

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