Sometimes I Just Don't Get People

Lately there have been a flood of comments on posts that are well over a year old. Mostly they're spam, but not all. Still, what would cause someone to comment on something that isn't current? I just don't get that - even if something on a blog came up in a search I did and it was interesting and relevant, I would check the date. And I really can't see myself commenting if it was more than 2 or 3 days old.

I suppose I ought to be happy that once upon a time I wrote something that was worth a comment or two. Even if it is spam. And yet, I'm not. So, I've turned comment moderation on for posts older than 14 days. Of course, that means I still have to deal with them, but it's the best Blogger seems to allow. If I recall, WordPress lets you turn comments *off* after a set period of time...it's almost tempting to switch on that basis alone.

Except of course that I'm too lazy to uproot myself at this point for the few posts a week I manage.

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