A Few Friday Factoids

A few random thoughts in no particular order or level of usefulness:

  • The health care vote is Sunday. I'd say that you ought to continue to call your congress person, but honestly, I don't think they actually give a rats butt about what you think. In the last year and a half I've grown so disenchanted with the people who make up our government that I can't really even work up the energy to spit. And I'm not looking forward to having to explain to my child someday that while I raised him to be a productive member of society, he doesn't actually get to reap any reward from it because Washington decided to bankrupt the country in 2010.
  • On a lighter note, I think that Jenny Craig really needs to investigate changing their phone number to 1-800-867-5309. I suspect a lot more people would call Jenny if that was the case.
  • Speaking of 867-5309, I received a t-shirt bearing this (and only this) across the chest for Christmas. I'm wearing it today because I'm fairly certain I'm not going out of the house. I have a few concerns about wearing it out and about as I'm not sure if people will:
    • think I have a good sense of humor,
    • think my name is Jenny,
    • think I'm stuck in the 80s,
    • wonder why I have a phone number on my shirt,
    • or think I'm easy.
  • It's the last one I'm the most worried about.
  • Spring is springing around here and it's looking to be a lovely weekend. We're going to be spending most of Saturday ripping everything out of the foundation beds in the front in preparation for the major Sleepy front yard overhaul, slated to start in a week. This will include ripping up all the old "grass" (it's not grass, it's primarily a weed that doesn't even turn green and, as such, simply must go), actually putting down soil, then a sprinkler system, then sod. And also a walkway from the front door to the curb (we have a walkway to the side-load garage, but most people park at the curb and then have to tromp through the grass, which is fine now because it's not really grass, but it gets all muddy and there are dog land mines and so forth, so a path is a good thing. And new foundation plantings to replace the stupid boxwoods that have gotten overgrown and were wrecked by the weight of the snow.)
  • We're not actually doing all of that ourselves - neither of us actually enjoy gardening that much. So we're doing the rip out, the rest will be done by landscaping people. We suspect they will do a better job in 1/2 the time.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday for my semi-annual checkup. I get to get my cavity filled on Wednesday. I have a follow up with the oral surgeon (from the January debacle) on Monday. One could say that next week will be toothsome. If one didn't know what toothsome meant.
  • The ice cream truck has started patrolling the streets. This seems a bit early to me, but well, good weather and all. My friend tried to convince me to tell the kiddo that it's just a music truck. Somehow that seems...wrong.


Rodmonster said...

bahhhh....next year..its a plain white tshirt...;)

Anonymous said...

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