Beat the Clock

As part of the Sleepy Lawn Makeover of 2010, we had a sprinkler system installed in the front yard. The theory was that if we were spending the money to rip out the old grass weeds and put in real grass that while everything was torn up it made sense to make it easier to take care of said new grass. Apparently as part of installing a sprinkler system, you have to pull a county permit and then have a final inspection (who knew? Well, our sprinkler company did, but I didn't.)  And so yesterday I got a call letting me know that they wanted to schedule the final inspection but it was one of those all day appointments, so I'd have to be home the whole day. I told them Wednesday would work and they said you could call after 8:30 in the morning to get a better time frame.

So this morning at about 8:40 I dialed in and after a brief chat with the very nice lady at the county permit office, was told that we were #2 on our inspector's list so it could be "any time now." At which point I thought to myself, "Huh. I guess I should go change out of my pajamas."

I rounded up the kiddo and all his various necessities for staying happy in his room while I shower (Blankie? Check. Milk? Check. Current toy in favor? Check.) and hustled him to the potty for a quick sit (otherwise I inevitably hear "I go peepee?!" while I've got a head full of lather dripping into my eyes) and then ran for the shower. Wrapped in my towel I was gathering clothes to throw on when I heard the call of "I go potty!" so I rushed to get him settled and then went to try and throw on clothes, but as I darted into my room, the doorbell rang.

So we have me dripping in a towel, a dog going ape at the door, and a little one on the potty singing loudly about how he's going to make poopy and get a Cadbury egg as reward (don't freak, it's just a mini one.) At this point, it's a decision needing to be made in haste - so I threw on pants and a shirt and heard my sister in the back of my head mentioning how ratty I looked since what I grabbed were jeans and the t-shirt I wore Monday. And that's all I grabbed.

Now, I am not a hippie, so going commando is not something I think I have ever done. And it's really not something I intend to ever do again.

Regardless, I raced down stairs and got to the door just as the guy was about to get back in his car. I explained that I needed to run upstairs and get my 2 year old off the potty, so I did that. And he did the inspection (and the system failed, which is a whole other story), and then he left.

I went back upstairs after all is said and done and got dressed properly and now, I believe I have shut up the voice of my sister in my head...cause it's amazing how much more together you feel when you're wearing underwear.

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Nik Andjam said...

would've had better luck with the dripping towel instead