Summer Fun

It's approaching the end of the school year around here. Not that this really effects us one way or the other as yet (and isn't honestly likely to in the future) but it is when people start planning summer fun. Our MOPs group has something going on nearly every week - either a play date or a mom's night out. There's VBS (though the kiddo is actually still to young for that) and pools and on and on and on. And I'm considering enrolling him in swimming lessons and gymnastics.

And yet, I'm also hesitating. I don't want to jump into the overscheduled-kid syndrome that seems to overwhelm people around here - I want him just to have fun and be a kid. But honestly? I think he'd enjoy the heck out of both activities, and the summer sessions are short enough that if he didn't enjoy them, then no harm done, we're not committed for a whole semester or year. On the other hand? He's only 2.5. I'm not 100% sure he needs to be in organized activities. But on the other hand (I have a lot of hands), it's more chances to play with other kids since for now he's an only and he really does love playing with other kids...though he'd be doing that at the playdates anyway.

And at church. Which is a whole other story as he keeps getting time outs at church for hitting. While he has hit on a very odd occasion at home, it's usually out of frustration - as in, I tell him no or take something away. He gets punished for that but he still will occasionally act before thinking it through. Reference 2.5 comment. At church, they make it sound like he's instigating things and/or just randomly hitting people and I just can't reconcile that with the boy I know. And I'm not sure what to do about it. He was doing great in his old room, but when he potty trained they moved him up and that's when incidents started. And also? He doesn't have accidents at home - and yet every week I pick him up from nursery and he's in his backup clothes. Something just isn't right and I'm not sure what to do about it - and I want to avoid being the mom who doesn't think her kid could be doing X. I mean, I know he sometimes hits and misbehaves, he's not perfect, but I also know it's not malicious. (He spent the morning at a friend's while I got my eyes looked at yesterday and if he was ever going to hit maliciously it would've been there as her middle child (who is about the same age) is very physical (not quite a bully, but teetering on the edge). And yet from what my friend said, when her kid was ugly and wouldn't share, mine just moved on to something else. Which is what I've usually seen him do.)

And the church thing has me hesitating on the other scheduled activities - though they both require me to be there and participate at his age, so maybe it wouldn't be an issue, but church really has me wound up. Of course, if I procrastinate much longer on enrolling though I may have my answer about what to do as the classes will be full.

Either way, I'm pretty sure we've got a fun (if hot) summer ahead of us.


Gwynne said...

I'm looking for summer opportunitites for Julian also so can share your concern. Only guessing on the church thing, but given that he potty trained so young (for a boy at least), could be frustration dealing with older kids not communicating nicely with him...I know he's advanced verbally, but maybe not as advanced as he'd like to be in the heat of the moment. Maybe you could put him back in the other class? It's so tough finding balance! *hugs*

Lynellen said...

I agree that he should go back to the other class... he's not emotionally mature enough for the new class and might be acting out. But in any case, the new class teachers are not giving him the attention he needs ref the potty. For activities, i dont see why not. it just two of them. or pick one. but do one of them at least.

Caltechgirl said...

Can you supervise one or both of the activities you are thinking about? Where he is with the teacher and the class, but you are close enough to see the interaction dynamic? I was a tantrum thrower. Big time. But I started swimming lessons and gym about that age, and my mom was always there, with the other moms, not involved in the class, but able to step in if I needed something the teacher wasn't aware of or capable of. Just a thought.

beth said...

Both activities are actually mommy and me - so I'm required to be there/participate, so that's actually a bonus point in their favor. If they weren't though, I would totally go for that idea though CTG...and I may see if there's a way to do that at church for a bit to see if that improvves.

Jen said...

I say sign him up for the swimming and gymnastics! Two short term classes isn't over-scheduling. The boy needs activity and those are great things. Plus he'll sleep well, which is always a good thing.

On the church thing - ditto what others have said. I think he's not quite ready to be with the older kids and he's not getting the attention for the potty needs. We put Jesse in a pull-up for church and take a spare (in case of poop). There are enough kids in his class that the adults can't always tend to the potty needs.