Asleep at the Gate

Wednesday night was a restless night in the Sleepy household -- at least for me and the kiddo (Tim seems to have slept like a rock the whole night). I was up and down resettling the kiddo several times and by 3, I had had quite enough. There was nothing wrong - he wasn't scared, he wasn't needing to potty, he didn't even really ask to "rock a minute", which is his usual request (esp. when scared, not feeling well, etc.). I would go in his room and he would scamper back to bed and lie down without a peep.

So when I heard him get up again at 3, I just decided to let him be up if that's what he wanted and rolled over to try and go back to sleep myself without checking on him. (A harder feat than you might imagine...I am a compulsive checker-oner.)

At 4:30, I woke again hearing something - I thought it was a whimper or the rattle of the gate across his doorway. So I got up to check on him and he was there, leaning against the gate with his blanket tucked around him. Sound asleep.

I stood there for a few minutes debating. Should I put him in bed, possibly waking him or just leave him to sleep? In the end, since he was so asleep he was snoring, I decided to just leave him be and went back to bed. (My rationale being that he is young and resilient and I remember wanting to sleep on the floor when I was little, so why not? He was in no danger.)

Tim saw him when he got up to go to work and investigated and he was still sleeping away. He did put him back in bed, but that's because Cassi went over to investigate as well and woke him up.

This afternoon, I heard the tell tale tink of a binky against the gate and went upstairs to find him, yet again, sound asleep at the gate.

I almost wonder if he's sleepwalking.

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michellewillingham said...

Toddlers are funny, aren't they? You never know what they'll do. I used to tell my eldest--stay in bed as part of our ritual.