More Mattress Mahem

Sunday morning, after an incredibly fitful night of sleep on the new mattress, (and really, I don't know that I'd call it sleep...it was dozing), I woke up in more pain than I had ever imagined. Every joint in my body was aching and I thought that moving might just cause me to pass out.

I was able to work the kinks out, but the pain lingered, particularly in my shoulders, and I eyed the new mattress with skepticism bordering on suspicion.

Sunday night came and I crawled into bed. And I tossed. And I turned. And within about five minutes, both of my arms were numb from the shoulders down and my shoulders themselves hurt like nothing else I could imagine. And I grumbled and went to sleep on the couch, because honestly...I need to sleep.

Monday Tim and I went back and forth with each other about what to do. The store has an exchange policy, though it's not as forgiving as one might want. Tim said he thought it was feeling better after two nights of sleep. I think I said something about how he shouldn't rub in the fact that he'd slept the past two nights. I came very close to chucking the thing out of our window. Or setting it on fire. Those were the two front runners.

So, after wrestling with it all day (in the midst of hanging with the family, which was fun, and watching Sherlock Holmes, which we loved) we decided to head back to the store and see if I was imagining the fact that the concrete slab they delivered did not actually feel like the delightfully restful mattress I thought we had ordered. At the store, I was correct that what I lay on there was nothing like what we had at home. I might have told the salesman that I was skeptical that hiring elephants to jump up and down on the mattress would turn it into the same thing they had on the showroom floor. Then I might have apologized and said something about pain and not sleeping for two days. At which point I might also have been perilously close to tears. It's all a little foggy cause I was rather sleep deprived.

At the end of the day, we decided to try swapping it out for a different version of the same thing to see if it had just been mislabeled at the factory. And he scheduled that for this afternoon.

Last night I slept like a baby and today I woke up feeling great. No numb arms. No pain. Called Tim and we decided to give it a few more nights.

I canceled the delivery for this afternoon.

If it acts up again, I may just try hiring an elephant rather than face the mortification of going back into the store.

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