Swimming With the Fishes

Today was morning 2 of our 2 week "swimming lessons" at the local rec center. It's a parent-tot class and mostly designed for water safety and just getting kids used to the idea of being in the water, kicking, floating, blowing bubbles, etc. And the kiddo is loving it.

I suspected that he would, seeing as how he has been a water fanatic pretty much from the get go. But I also had that slight trepidation that he would just freak in a class type setting. Overall, he does very well, and it gives me hope for our gymnastic classes that start when this ends (and in which I will be considerably less involved - I'm just there to keep him on task, whereas in the pool, I'm the one doing the teaching under the supervision of the class instructor.)

Like most kids, he despises the floating on the back portion of the morning. Though I did manage to distract him with counting the flags they have strung over the pool this morning and get a twenty or so second float (resting his head on my shoulder) before he realized what was going on. That will really be probably the only skill he actually has to work on - he's got everything else hands down. Well, maybe not the bubbles. He knows how to make the bubbles, but you have to get him to actually get his mouth close enough to the water to do it. Mostly he just likes watching mama make the bubbles (and accompanying vroom noises.)

Still, it's quite a bit of fun for both of us and I'm a bit sad that it ends so quickly. On the other hand, there's nothing stopping us from going during open swim to play around some more. Or mooching off our friends whose neighborhoods have pools (ours doesn't. On the one hand, bummer. On the other hand, woo, lower HOA fees.)

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