Amazon Fail

You might have picked up on the fact that I'm a bit excited about my Kindle arriving. Since I ordered it, I've found myself checking Amazon every night to see if I had a ship date yet. I knew when I ordered it that it was a preorder...but I still was chomping at the bit to have the thing in my hot little hands.

Wednesday, hoping for a little brightness for my life, I opened up my "Where's my stuff?" tab and was greeted with this:

If you can't see...it says that it's shipping soon...estimated delivery of October 26th. I snapped the screenshot and just told myself that they meant August 26th. (Cause the other option was just not to be considered.)

Sure enough, the next day I got my "Your order has shipped!" email, complete with UPS tracking number. In fact...
Commence stalking the UPS Man....now.

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