Hair We Go Again...Again

So last week I noticed that my hair was in seriously bad shape. This is all owing to the previous bad experience that left me swearing off the Hair Cuttery. I spent the intervening time asking friends and random strangers where they got their hair cut and how much it cost and did they like it. And at the end of the day, I'm not actually sure that I learned anything, but I got to gripe about my situation some, so at least I felt better.

Regardless, the time had arrived to make a decision. So I opted to try the Bubbles Salon that they just put in by our Wegmans as it's reasonably close to my house and I hadn't heard anything negative about them. (This is, in large part, due to the fact that I hadn't actually heard anything about them.) They're about $10 more than the Hair Cuttery, but that's still better than the $85 that my old stylist at the fancy schmancy place charges. And it's not 45 minutes away.

My first impression was good. The place is clean (if you've been in a Hair Cuttery, you know that's not always - or even often - the case), the people were friendly, and they were playing non-radio station music. The last one just says to me that they care about ambiance, and so, rather than let you sit there listening to commercials, they went to the expense of a CD player.

The girl I saw (and really, girl is not pejorative, but honestly, she's maybe 19) was friendly and chipper and has grand plans for her future as a fashion designer and is working hard to make them happen and she kept me incredibly entertained while she cut my hair. This is not a requirement for me, but it was pleasant. I will also say that I prefer a stylist to be willing to chatter away rather than someone who actually needs for me to participate in the conversation. I never seem to have anything interesting to say to a random stranger (which the first time you cut my hair, that's what you are, a random stranger) and also? With the scissors snipping and the hair dryers drying and all that going on around me? I can't really hear you. She had no problem with carrying the whole conversation. On the flip side, she actually asked what I wanted and looked at my hair and made notes (notes! Imagine!) before getting to the wash and then afterward she reconfirmed a few things and then went about her business and gave me a very nice haircut. No paper bags for me today!

If I had to find anything negative to say, and really, it didn't bother me, it was the comment that occurred during the initial consultation:
Her: So have you ever thought about color? 
Me: I used to, but I hate maintaining it so...*shrug*
Her: So you'll just go gray naturally then?

Sigh. I know, I know. I have lots of gray happening up there - I notice it more each day. But I'm holding out hope that it'll actually be silver and semi-pretty. If it's the ugly "oh gosh how long has that dishwater been sitting there" gray, then we can talk color. But I need a bit more before I get there.

So - follow up appointment booked and I'm a happy camper who didn't have to spend a whole day or break the bank to get a nice haircut. Woo!

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