In The Mood for a Little Adventure

Or maybe I should say a lot of adventure. I just finished reading through the first several Brad Thor novels and boy are they good. See, I started rather far down the list (The Last Patriot was the first one I picked up) and he mentions the previous exploits frequently, so I felt like I was missing out. (And he does a good job of weaving them in so that even if you read that whole novel, you don't feel like it's simply a back story for the sake of catching up the reader. Or the few times that that's just what it feels like, it doesn't drone on for pages where you feel like you shouldn't have bothered reading the other one. If you read many series, you'll know what I mean. I think this is something people either do well or horribly...no middle ground.)

So I echo my previous recommendation for his stuff - but now I can include all the older novels as well as I'm totally up to date.

I also just finished My Name is Mary Sutter. This is totally not something I would normally have picked up as generally the only historical type anything I like are those written by my friend Michelle or Anne Perry-esque mysteries (and honestly, I'm kind of over the latter.) This was Civil War era, as well, which is really hit or miss for me. But, I actually rather enjoyed it. It follows Mary Sutter, a midwife, in her quest to become a doctor, which takes her into some of the more recognizable battles in the larger DC area. (That part was really rather fun as well.)

And now my to-be-read pile is really rather short because I'm waiting for my Kindle to show up.

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