Way Too Much Reading Going On (Is that really possible?)

Last week I read:

This is a modern gothic (very much in the vein of Jane Eyre) with twists, turns, and mystery that leaves you mostly guessing til the end. I did actually guess a little of it as we went along - because it does follow the natural progression of what you expect (in all its unexpectedness).

I found it enthralling - it sucked me in from the very first page (though others have said it's slow to start) and I ended up having to purposefully leave it in the bedroom during naptime lest I squander my work time. (Not that reading time is squandered, but it's also not the pinnacle of productivity, so, you know.)

Next up was Fantasy in Death. Because I like the series for all that she seems to be losing her mojo with them somewhat. Whereas before I'd always felt she avoided strict formula with this series, the last 2 or 3 have slipped into "churn 'em outs". They're still delightful reads, but they're slowly slipping into the "find at the library or on Paperback Swap" category vs. buying new. (Though I got this one at Target for like $4. I can swing $4 for something that takes maybe 2 hours to read.)

Still, it's a fun read. Even if I had it pegged about 30 pages in.

Finally came The Hunger Games. This was another don't want to put it down book. I really enjoyed it - though there were elements that rang very familiar (though I couldn't put my finger on exactly what other book they reminded me of - maybe a mixture of the Freedom's Landing series by Anne McCaffrey and the John Christopher Tripods series?  Even still, it was a very enjoyable, well written book...with the caveat that I'm getting slightly tired of first person narrative and love triangles. Both seem to be all the rage these days and the latter, particularly, is seriously annoying to me.

Still, if you're in the market for something to read - I'd recommend any or all of the above.

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