A Little Random For A Tuesday

I probably could string together a post on any of the following, but honestly, I meant to hit a few of them last week and never did. So...the random.

  • Tim's company just sent out all their new health care options for next year. And by "all their options" I mean "their single option." That's right. Welcome to Obama-care, ladies and gents. Cause you now have no options.
  • One of the big pretenses of the single health care option is "proactive health management" where they provide incentives for you to be healthy - with special notes that obesity and diabetes are national crises. With the underlying feeling being that people who have these two issues will not be tolerated/covered. It's a bit concerning as one with a family history of both (and, oh yeah, medical causes on both, not just gluttony, though no one really seems to admit that sometimes people get fat for reasons beyond their control.)
  • The above two irritate me so much that I now remember why I didn't end up posting on them...I just have nothing positive to say, and there's really no point in getting worked up over it since it can't be changed.
  • I went to Jen's jewelry open house on Friday and scored some Christmas gifts for my mom. It was a lovely set up and fun to see her for a few minutes. Even if the kiddo wanted to get down and touch everything.
  • My mom's sister was in town visiting last week. I took them downtown and the 4 of us went to the National Gallery. I haven't done both wings in a good while and it was a lot of fun. The doodle seemed to enjoy looking at the pictures - and he seems to like the same things I do, which is nice. I'd hate to think I was raising someone who actually thought there was artistic merit to Roy Lichtenstein's work.
  • The last was mostly kidding..though I will be the first to admit that Pop Art does nothing for me. I am mostly drawn to Impressionists and the Hudson River School, myself.
  • The doodle did really well with a full day (and no nap) at the museum. He had a tough next two days as he recovered, but ...small price to pay for not annoying the other guests.
  • I'm starting to really like the every-other Friday off thing Tim has going.
  • Even with the longer other 9 days that necessitates.
  • Today I am off to the dentist for a cleaning. Whee.

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