A Week of Kindling

So I've had my Kindle a bit over a week and have read several things on it. By and large, I love it. But last night I hit a snag that is probably more common than people will admit and it made me pause. See, I was reading a relatively suspenseful book. And what usually happens when I hit a point in a book where I just have to know how things turn out (because I can't stand hanging in through a book, only to find a completely unsatisfactory ending), I flip to the last couple of chapters, see how it turns out, then return to my previously scheduled reading.

This does not ruin it for me. It does, in fact, make it more tolerable.

I also flip to the end if I'm stalled out and slightly bored and trying to figure out if it gets better.

Yes, I'm a chapter flipper, I admit it.

But as I searched for how to do this on the Kindle I was hit with a wave of panic. It cannot be done! There is no "skip ahead a bit, Brother Maynard" button anywhere on there. Sure, you can hit the page turn button a hundred thousand times in quick succession, but that's just not the same. (Plus I'm guessing the next page button really isn't designed for such treatment.)

So, ok, maybe the Kindle will make an honest reader out of me...but I don't have to like it.

The only other snag I've hit, and this is much less annoying (in comparison) is the lack of page numbers and chapters. I get that the "page" on the kindle isn't the same size as the page on a book and so they can't use the same numbers, blah blah blah. But apparently I draw comfort from knowing I'm on page x of y and that there are only z more pages til I'm finished and so on and so forth and the little percentage status bar isn't cutting it for me.

Even with that? I still love the thing. It's just not going to replace a real book any time soon.


Eric Siegmund said...

Uh, does your book not have a Table of Contents? Because if it does, you can use your Kindle navigate directly to any chapter.

[I post this tip knowing full well that I'm enabling behavior that borders on psychotic, but I suspect you're too far gone for any therapeutic solutions. ;-)]

beth said...

OOOOH! I will have to check. It didn't even occur to me that that would be a possibility. (Does pulp fiction usually have a TOC? And if there were no trees harmed in the production of a book, can it still be called pulp fiction?)

Gwynne said...

You s/b able to "go to" TOC like Eric suggests but my complaint is this doesn't always give much more than chapter numbers (not titles) and while I would never, never, ever skip to the end(!), I do like to flip backwards to refresh my memory, especially when trying to figure out a mystery. Also, if you skip ahead, the whole notion of the kindle bookmarking where you really left off reading is probably not going to work. Good luck!