Christmas Wrap Up

Is it wrong to follow the previous post, wherein I remind myself (and you) of the true purpose of Christmas with a detailed retelling of the conspicuous consumption that took place at our house? Oh my goodness the little boy is a spoiled one. But he is very well behaved (for an almost-three-year-old) and is very grateful for what he has and actually plays with all that he has so...I'm willing to overlook it to some degree. There were trains galore and a workbench and books (and he is seriously in love with books - I have to be doing something right, right?) And cars and car washes for the cars (matchbox variety). And oh my goodness, there are toys everywhere!

I also got spoiled with a new dress coat and gloves (nice snow gloves so that now when the little one wants me to help build a snow man I actually can. (My little knit gloves that have been my go-to gloves for ages (2 pair for $1, how do you go wrong?) just do not cut the "build a snowman" mustard.) And kitchen implements (much needed and wanted) and an ice cream maker and movies and books and chocolate covered almonds.

Tim was also spoiled with LEGO and a Squeezebox and XBox games and more candy than really you can shake a stick at.

We had my folks and sister and her hubby over Christmas Eve after church for dinner and singing and Luke 2 and gifts. My family has always unwrapped gifts on Christmas Eve and stockings on Christmas Day. So we're continuing that tradition. Mom and dad spent the night and we had waffles with vanilla sauce (a Not Sleepy family tradition for as long as I can recall) for breakfast. Thereafter I worked on Christmas dinner, which was more of a lunch affair (prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, roasted asparagus, zucchini imperial, corn souffle, and a green salad.) The Sleepy clan joined us, making 11 for lunch, and I believe a good time was had by all. Thereafter we opened gifts with Tim's family, until the very over tired child had a meltdown just this side of epic proportions. We tucked him away for his nap and everyone vacated the premises shortly thereafter. (He was very disappointed that everyone had left when he got up from his nap. It was a little heartbreaking. That was short lived though as he realized it meant he could give undivided attention to all his toys.)

Since then, things around here have been pretty laid back. Tim is off for the next two weeks, so it's been pleasant to just hang out and relax. He did get all the mudding and taping in the playroom finished today, so tomorrow he will hit up the sanding and second coat where needed with our goal being to administer primer on Wednesday and, if I can get my mind made up, maybe even the first color coat. So at least that's making some headway (at last!) I'll post pictures when it's all finished - which should hopefully be very soon.

Friday night we're having some folks from Sunday school over for New Year's Eve and I may have mentioned the word party and now I'm feeling a bit pressured to figure out how to make it a party vs. several of us sitting around and chatting all night. I'm starting the night off with a lucky New Year dinner, so that part is in the bag (recipes selected, shopping planned but not yet purchased) but the rest of it...we'll see.

And now, the little one has awakened from his nap and is demanding mommy snuggles. And I never turn down mommy snuggles, so I will be back another time to continue the rambly thoughts I had in mind to share.

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