The Weekend Ahead

It's already looking to be a busy weekend - mostly with all of that last minute Christmasy stuff that needs to get done. Tim, I know, is planning to actually start his shopping (thankfully he really only has me to buy for and I've given him a list - not that he has to follow it, but well.)

And tomorrow is the good Santa - so we'll take the kiddo off to sit on his lap (hopefully). Though at this point, he's very likely to tell the man, "Santa's not real but he's fun and helps us remember that we give gifts to celebrate Jesus' birthday." Because yes, I'm that parent. If he doesn't, it'll be interesting to see what he says he wants. Not that 90% of what I've wrapped isn't already for him (Seriously - the key to hitting good sales all year is that you have to remember to stop. That is, apparently, the part I struggle with. Holy cow this child is spoiled.)

As we were talking about what we were off to do this morning, I mentioned that we had to run and start getting the groceries for Christmas dinner (prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, zucchini imperial, green salad, corn souffle, mashed potatoes) and he piped up "And Cake!"

"Cake?" I asked.
"Birthday cake! For Jesus!"

That's my boy.

I'll also be shuttling my sister about for some errand running (she's back on her feet mostly, but with snow and a long week of working, she'd just as soon not be doing the driving/running on her own. Which seems reasonable to me.)

I thought maybe tomorrow night we'd go see the Bull Run Lights. We've never been to this one -- last year we made the mistake of going to the one in Fredericksburg and I've got better lights than they have in my yard. What a waste that was. So, Bull Run is more expensive but...it looks really nice.

Then with church on Sunday, the weekend is looking pretty full. And now it appears we're off to yummy Mexican food with friends for this evening, so life is pretty good all around.

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