The Wells Fargo Wagon

Though in all honesty, it's the FedEx EuroVan. But really, it doesn't evoke the same desire to dance and skip about on stage as the phrase "The Wells Fargo Wagon" does. So, there you have it. Today I spent my day waiting for the above. And waiting. And waiting.

See, on Friday of last week, my dad says, "If you don't know what to get me for Christmas, I've finally decided what I'd like."

Me: "Ok...what?"
Dad: "Well, you girls should go in on it with your mother."
Me: (to myself) "Us girls already got you something but I can pitch in for something else." (aloud) "Ok, what?"
Dad: "An iPad."
Me: "Really? After all the mocking you did of the iPad when it first came out?"
Dad: "Yup....and I want the one with 3G."
Me: "And the big GBs?"
Dad: "Huh?"
Me: "I'll send you a link - you just reminded me of this youtube that Tim played for me." (It's this one - NSFW, for sure, language NSFKids either, but still hilarious.)
Dad: "Ok."
Mom: (who had been listening in) "Just put it on my credit card."
Me: "Ok, I'll take care of it."

And thus started off the search (short, mind you) for my dad's iPad. There was a brief flurry of emails surrounding the need for a case and what size memory (he did, in fact, want the big GBs). And then there was the brief discussion about engraving - the result of which I won't post here because occasionally I believe my dad actually wanders over to this corner of the Internet and it's bad enough that he picked out his own present and, essentially, paid for it. The least I can do is surprise him with my wit, engraved for posterity on its...well, posterior.

An iPad being what it is, FedEx will not just leave it on your doorstep if you're not home. I fully support this being the case. However, they need to work on their tracking promises just a bit. First it said it would be delivered yesterday. Then yesterday that was updated to today before 10:30 a.m. Then around 10:45 it changed to "out for delivery" with no expected time. And so my day was spent at home waiting for said little box to show up on my doorstep. I left a note on the door when I ran to the shower that said "Dear FedEx man, I am home. Please ring the bell/knock loudly and give me a few minutes." But he didn't show up while I was in the shower. Nor did he show up at any point during the day when my hands were full, something was on fire, or I was in the bathroom (all good times for a signature-required delivery to occur.)

Tim got home around 5:30 and had enough time to eat dinner, play with the kiddo a bit, and then headed off to see TRON: Legacy with the guys. (Slight diversion: Why is it that this is considered a "guys night out" movie? I desperately want to see this movie. Desperately. However, are there any girls nights out that are going to result in me seeing Tron? No. We'll end up seeing some ridiculous love story. This happens all the time - Tim and his group of guys go see movies that I would love to see. Then Tim says he'll go see them with me again, but that doesn't seem really worth the money so I just wait.) I headed upstairs to put the kiddo in the bath and get him to bed.

If you guessed that the doorbell rang as the child was fully sudsed up and splashing merrily, you win the prize! I scooped him out of the tub, set him in the hallway just outside of the field of vision of the door and told him to wait there and ran down the stairs. Opening the door I said, "I knew you'd come during bath time." The FedEx man laughed, "If there's an inconvenient time for me to get here, I'll find it." It's probably good to have a sense of humor about your job. Especially if you're the FedEx man at Christmas.

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