And A Random New Year

I have sat down to post something about twenty times over the past three days and just not had it happen for one reason or another so...I guess we'll just start the year off with some random tidbits. I suspect that's going to be indicative of 2011.

  • Even though Robbo prefers "twenty eleven", I have to say I'm still leaning toward "two-thousand-eleven". I get that we all said "nineteen whatever" but those were the teens and it didn't feel as weird. The whole twenty thing just sounds odd to my ears. I suspect I'll get over it, but if not, I'll be the one holdout when everyone else has switched over.
  • The kiddo turns three tomorrow. Three! This just simply does not seem possible.
  • We are 99.999% finished with the playroom in the basement. All we need are baseboards and a little bit of furniture (think storage to promote some kind of organization rather than toy-vomit everywhere.) In the mean time, the entirety (I kid you not) of the floor has been covered with a scale replica of the Island of Sodor. Doodle loves running the trains here and there. Tim loves trying to figure out if he can use every piece of track without any dead ends. Win-win!
  • I'll post pictures when it's well and truly finished. I think it turned out really well. 
  • We are going to see ICE! at the National Harbor tomorrow. I'm hoping it's fun (it looks like it'll be neat) - both sets of grandparents are joining us and we're turning it into a grand birthday celebration for the kiddo. 
  • My PhD study should start up next week if all the stars have finally aligned properly. I sent out the "thank you thank you thank you - and oh yes, here is what I need you to do" email to the professors who are helping me today. I'm taking it as a good sign that I haven't gotten any emails back yet. Fingers crossed that that means, as I'm currently deciding to assume it means, that they're all still on board and excited.
  • For whatever reason (read: I am an idiot) I agreed to teach two classes this term. This term that starts Wednesday. This term that starts Wednesday and I don't have either book yet. Um. Yeah. Look at me, all prepared for class. I've taught one of the two before, so that's pretty well in the bag. But the other? There will apparently be lots of winging it going on. 
  • This weekend we'll have the first ever friend-invited birthday party. I've invited 3 other little boys that he enjoys seeing. I'm hoping it'll be a fun playdate with cake type of thing. Low impact. Low stress. High fun. That's really what I'm going for. As with all else currently, the theme will be Thomas the Tank Engine. What more could you want? 
Seems to me there was more...but it's currently gone off elsewhere. 

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