Furnishing a Tree House

The playroom in the basement is decorated a la a tree house. (Or, if you are Tim's folks, you simply say with incredulity, "You put up wood paneling???" And no. We did not. It's a paint effect. With the full knowledge that in 10ish years we will be repainting it to something less cutsey. But still. He's 3 and a tree house is fun.)

One of the goals of having said play room is to move 90% of the toys from the main floor down there so that the majority of the public areas of the house are not toy strewn. We'll see how well this works in practice, but so far we're not doing too badly and it's not even fully complete yet.

The main point of the post, however, is that we ended up trekking to Ikea this morning to load up on storage units to hold the toys in bins and while I really wanted the walnut effect, they were completely out of everything in walnut effect, leaving us with black-brown. This leads me to figure that they're getting rid of the walnut effect option - which would be right on par with what Ikea always does to me, which is to say, discontinue a color when I have 75% of my room done in something that matches so I have to figure out how to not make it look like a random hodgepodge.

That said, I'm looking forward to getting it all put together and the toys moved. Cause then I can clean my main floor and have a hope of it actually staying that way.

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