A Bit of Random

  • We had a fun day primarily outside today. It was lovely and well into the low 70s. A much needed taste of spring. They're saying it may hit 75 tomorrow. If it's even remotely close to that when we get up, I think we'll head downtown to the zoo. 
  • One of the things we did was hit a park I'd never been to before. Technically it's part of an HOA to which we don't belong, but we have several friends who live up there, so I figured I could probably get by if needed - though honestly, I think they care more in the summer when there are more folks around. Though today this park was really rather crowded. Still, it was a very fun play area. We'll definitely go back.
  • The change from Playhouse Disney to Disney Junior is really annoying me. First off, I miss Ooh and Ahh. As does the doodle - he's always asking me where the monkeys are. Next, the replacements - ads for the various shows in mouse ears - are really not interesting at all. I mean really, how stupid do you think kids are? They are not going to find logos hopping around interesting. Even Nick Jr. has the moose and the bird rather than show logos. Finally, they glutted the market with promos for Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Ok, fine. New show, I get that. But gosh that show is horrid. I get that Hook is bad and Smee stupid in the book - but in the book, the kids are Lost Boys, not pirates. So they're already changing stuff - so either make Smee and Hook kids too (so it's not kids vs. adults, where kids win and adults are stupid - cause that just teaches them that disrespect is funny early on) or do without and find something else for them to fight against - ghost ship? And the real people who sing at the end? Um. Creepy. 
  • I've got a few more books to add to the widget in the sidebar, just haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe this weekend.
  • Also up this weekend? Painting the family room. 


Eric Siegmund said...

Your comment about visiting the HOA "park" sort of strikes a nerve. Our HOA has a very attractive "park" for which our not inconsiderable monthly dues go towards upkeep. I appreciate the fact that the rest of the community thinks it's attractive enough to bring their families to enjoy, but there's a part of me that wonders about the fairness of it.

beth said...

I can see your point, Eric - and I don't go to playgrounds/parks (and this was really a playground) when I don't at least know someone who lives there. And even then, I see if they'll meet us there and have a play date, which we were supposed to do, but my friend called when we were half way there and canceled. For what it's worth, we leave 0 footprint (I don't even use their trash cans, I just pack it all out) so that the only impact we might be making is wear and tear on the equipment, which I can't think is all that more than what they're expecting from 1 additional 3 year old.