On Lent

Today is the first day of Lent. I have to admit, Lent isn't something I remember observing growing up - I remember Easter week, but as we didn't grow up in a liturgical setting, the 40 days prior were much less emphasized.

As I've watched various friends use their Facebook status to indicate what they're giving up for Lent I've stopped several times to consider jumping on the bandwagon. But I think instead of giving something up and then dealing with the negatives of "oh yeah, I gave that up for Lent" without the follow on that missing whatever it is that I've given up is supposed to drive me to prayer in an attitude of appreciate for the suffering of Christ (which is what seems to be what happens most frequently), I will instead set out to spend more time each day in prayer and meditation (because I will admit that very often that time is the first to go by the wayside in the midst of my busy-ness.)

So, perhaps to phrase it in a more typical Lenten fashion I should say that I am giving up the habit of making prayer time second place - with the hope that that reminder will drive me much more often to my knees.

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