Book Review: God Gave Us Two

This is yet another adorable book featuring Little Cub and her parents. In this installment (which actually comes before many of the other books I've reviewed for this series), Little Cub's mother is expecting a sibling and so it talks about how first God gave them Little Cub and now God has given them another cub (so they will have two!) It's a cute introduction to being a big sibling (even though Little Cub is a girl, boys won't have a hard time identifying with her, frankly I'm always a little taken aback when they use a female pronoun for her because otherwise she's really fairly genderless). At the end of the book, Little Cub becomes a big sister to not just one new cub, but twins. This actually caused my son to ask if you always get twins as the second child, so that's something to consider if you know you're only expecting a singleton.

It's a great little book, though I've had to put ours away as he is desperate for a sibling and this only feeds the fire and, well, any siblings we'll get around here are totally out of my control.

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Publishing.

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