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I saw yesterday where Fox has canceled Breaking In, Christian Slater's latest attempt at a TV show.

Tim and I were loving this show - it was funny and smart and didn't seem to take itself too seriously. Honestly, it was a refreshing break from most of the shlock that TV networks seem to put their money into.

I'm not sure what demographic they were hoping for, but I guess we're not it.

If networks aren't going to give people a chance to like the new shows, then I'm not inclined to give new shows a chance til they've been around a season or two. Frankly, I grow weary of getting hooked on a show only to have it disappear before they even air a full season.

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Rob said...

I was enjoying "Breaking In" too! Kinda had a Scrubs-like wry sense of humor.

I'm just glad they kept the faith and didn't axe "Rules of Engagement." Love that show!