Little Bits Of This And That

  • We hired a lawn company to do the mowing this summer. In general this has been a lovely thing, but they're very clear on their website and in their contract that they will assign you a day and always come that day. This is a good thing because it helps me know what day I need to stay close to home and keep the dogs more in than out and so forth and so on.  When they first started, our day was Thursday. Then, for inexplicable reasons, it moved to Monday. (Inexplicable and unexplained, I should add.) And then along came Memorial Day and they told us the week before that it would, obviously, not be on the holiday but on Tuesday. And they came on Tuesday. But I thought then we'd go back to Monday. Except they didn't come yesterday. And they've not shown up yet today. And really...I just would like to know when I can put the dog door in without worrying about it. Is that so much to ask?
  • I'm starting to look at booking our flights to Seattle later this summer for our cruise. Hands down people have said to go with the non-stop, so I think that will be the choice. Now I just need to decide if I should book them now or wait and see if there's a better price as the summer wears on. More than likely I'll just book them, but inevitably when I do that, there'll be a big sale come through my email. 
  • I probably also ought to get hotels for before and after booked.
  • We had a planning meeting for our MOPS group for next year. Yes, I'm still doing that. No, I can't really explain why. You ever go to a meeting where before hand you're very stern with yourself about how you're going to just be amenable and keep your mouth shut and then not five minutes into it you've proven to everyone yet again that you're an outspoken pain in the butt? (Or at least that's how I figure I come across.)On the other hand, honestly, how many times do we have to have someone come and speak to us about how men and women think differently? 
  • I submitted the first draft of my thesis to my advisor exactly a week ago. Anyone want to make a bet when I actually get feedback? 
  • I also submitted my monthly status report with a goal to be completely done in June. Anyone want to make a bet if that's going to pan out? 
  • Those last two are closely related -- I'm guessing I might get feedback before the end of June, but probably not much else.

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