Mostly A Good Thing

So this afternoon I checked into Facebook and noticed that the Kindle folks had mentioned their summer sale. This is a serious hazard of liking the Kindle on Facebook. But, I figured what the heck, let's go look. So I browsed on over to Amazon and scrolled through all 650 books that are currently $4.99 or less and found 13 that I wanted to read more about. (Side note: I love tabbed browsing. How did we live before tabbed browsing?)

Of those 13, I ended up purchasing 9 - mostly because the most expensive one I got was $2.99. I can read a lot of cruddy books if they cost me less than a Happy Meal.

About an hour later, my cell phone rings. Now, it's only be small chance that I was able to run up stairs from the basement and get to the my cell in time to actually answer it, so I didn't get a good look at the phone number before I answered it. It was an automated call. I was about to hang up when I heard my bank's name. Checking the number it was, in fact, my bank. So I listened to the message where it mentioned possible fraudulent activity and cited a recent purchase at a record store. So I punched the "No, I have not purchased anything at a record store" button and waited to be transferred to a real person.

After verifying that they had me on the phone, she asked about the 9 recent charges from $.99 to $2.99 at Amazon Kindle. I said that yes, I had made those. What about the Record Store though?

Apparently Amazon Kindle translated to Record Store in their automated system. Not sure about how that works, but at least there were not, in fact, fraudulent charges to my card.

It would be awfully nice if you could have a regular shopping cart for Kindle rather than the mandated 1-click that Amazon forces you into. Then you could batch them together and avoid the whole problem all together. It might also cut down on some impulse buys, which is definitely not a bad thing. (Well, it's not a bad thing for me, I suspect that's why Kindle forces you into 1-click in the first place.)

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