Bits and Bobs

  • I have tickets to see Harry Potter on Saturday. I'm quite excited about this. I had thought to re-read the books before Saturday, but I really only had that thought yesterday and, while I did manage to suck down book 1 yesterday, I decided I didn't need to inhale the others quite that fast. So I may still add them to my "re-read this summer" pile, but I'm not going to force it.
  • Instead, I started No Good Deed, something I downloaded for free on my Kindle a while ago. So far it's really neat, though a bit of the premise reminds me of a TV show that I never really watched because it seemed vaguely stupid - I think it was called Early Addition? Anyway, in this book, the main character takes photos, but he gets pictures of things that are going to happen in the future and then he tries to fix things. But that's not really the focus of the book, so I'm ok with it. Like I said, it's good, and I'll likely finish it this afternoon or evening given how things are moving along.
  • My defense is scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. If everyone prayed that went well, I'd appreciate it.
  • Also on Monday, in the evening, the doodle starts soccer camp. I'm kind of excited about this for him. Hopefully he'll enjoy it - he's pretty jazzed about the prospect now. I'll let you know after our first night how it goes.
  • I'm a little peeved at our lawn guy. He lives in the neighborhood, so I'm guessing he drives by to see how the front looks to determine if he should come mow. But the back grows WAY faster than the front and is, currently, a jungle. Making it really hard to play out there. But he hasn't come to mow because the front looks fine. I'm trying to wait til I'm less annoyed to call, because I thought we had signed a contract for him to come WEEKLY, not whenever the heck he decided our lawn needed mowing. I mean, I guess it's fine since we only pay when he comes, but I'd like to be able to put the pool back out and maybe leave it for a day rather than fill and dump and fill and dump so that he can actually mow. Cause if I leave it out, I guarantee he'll come. And then not mow the back cause the pool is out.
  • I should make Tim call. Everyone knows he's the nice one between the two of us.
  • A friend from college who is a serious math nerd posted a little tidbit about triangular numbers (vs. squares) and seriously blew my mind. I have never thought of square numbers actually forming squares (visually). I'm still chewing on this concept days later. 
  • Project Runway is starting up again soon. I'm really rather stoked about this.
  • That's about it, honestly. I'm sure I could ramble on about other things, but, well, books to read and so forth.


Jen said...

Jealous about your Harry Potter tickets. I'm trying to figure out how to go without imposing on Kevin and/or feeling guilty about it.

Excited for the doodle's soccer camp! He will love it. Same league that we did this spring?

beth said...

Well if you figure out a way and want a tag along, I'm reasonably sure I'll want to go see it again. :)

I'm hoping he'll love it, I tend to agree. Yes, same league - so if nothing else I'm hoping it'll tell us if we should do soccer with them this fall as he'll be old enough.

Jen said...

We're still debating soccer for the fall b/c of Beau's teaching schedule and the incertainty of our coach. It's a long soap opera story.

Beau plans to grade papers tomorrow, so I can't do HP. =(