Book Review: Regret Free Parenting

My sister sent me this through the Amazon Vine program because, apparently, I have too much angst about my parenting. (Her words.) This is fine, I'm all about reading parenting books - I figure I can learn something. In this case, I'm so very glad she sent it, because it is hands down the best parenting book I've read.

The main focus behind the book is becoming an intentional mom (and yes, really, it's much more geared toward moms. Dads could read it and get something out of it, but it really is designed to take some of the angst out of being the best mother you can be and all the second guessing that goes into that.) By intentional, the author means that we don't parent by accident or happenstance, but that we set up goals for how we want our kids to turn out and then parent according to a plan to meet those goals.

She also gets into how to be intentional about affirming and knowing your child, developing their emotional intelligence, developing respect (both ways -- they respect you, you respect them), the difference between being intentional and being controlling, and, what I think I loved the most, being intentional about depending on God as a parent. The author is both a psychotherapist  (LCSW) and a Christian, so she merges psychological knowledge with Godly, Biblical advice and the result is something that just makes sense. It's also challenging and had me reevaluating places where I know I've been letting my intentions slip and just coasting. And I don't want to be a parent who seems detached and disinterested.

Even if you've read other parenting books, I highly recommend this one if you still feel there are things you could do better.

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