"So, What's Next?"

This seems to be the #1 question on the minds of everyone I've mentioned finishing my PhD to. It kind of makes me laugh - because honestly I don't have a ton of plans. I have ideas, certainly, but foremost among them is taking a little bit of a break from having huge expectations hanging over my head. It's pleasant to sit and realize that I really don't have anything that I *should* be doing just now.

Today has been a laid back day all around. In addition to my own lack of pressure right now, the kiddo pulled a stunt this a.m. that he's done a few times previously and I have had it with this particular behavior. So he's reaping some consequences and our plans for a trip to the library and to play at a friend's house have been canceled. We will probably still hit up soccer camp this evening, but that's going to be it for today. It's actually been really nice.

Soccer camp has, so far (and ok, fine, it's only been one night) been quite a lot of fun. The coach is very well suited to working with this age - he's just the right blend of silly and authoritative and he puts the skills into things that kids can understand. I'm very pleased - and the huge grin that the kiddo wore for the whole hour and fifteen minutes was exactly what I was going for when we decided to sign him up for this. I'm still on the fence about soccer in the fall in a true season type set-up. We're going to see what he/we think at the end of this week and go from there.

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